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Supple Spine Clear Mind: January 17

This unique workshop, offered by Rashmi Biswas, and Fariya Doctor of Feldenkrais Niagara, combines the gentle movements of Feldenkrais therapy with classical Hatha Yoga. Join Fariya and Rashmi to explore how a Supple Spine can lead to a Clear Mind Date: Saturday January 17, 2015 Location: Balance Fitness Studio, Virgil, Ontario Time: 2:30pm-5pm Fee: $50 including HST [...]

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Vacation Proof Your Business: January 29

Business owners and operators often have difficulty leaving their businesses in the care of others when they are away. They are naturally apprehensive and have concerns about what may happen while they are away. There are ways to alleviate the stress of being away from your business. General wisdom suggests the true test of leadership [...]

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