Is Your Business Waterproof?

Waterproofing your business means that regardless of the daily realities and challenges, business performance is resistant to internal and external interference.

At Lake and Associates, Waterproofing follows a planning methodology and coaching practice where we work closely with you, the business leader, in developing strategic priorities, establishing clear goals and measures, and aligning team members to your Plan.

Waterproofing includes:

  • Way Points – identifying key performance measures to monitor progress and retain focus
  • Accountability – each member of your Team is fully aware of performance expectations and how their role contributes to the overall success of your business
  • Trust – establishing you as a respectful leader, who supports employee performance and removes roadblocks
  • Engagement – listening to your Team, providing performance feedback, and recognizing the contributions of each person
  • Results – the true test of all of your efforts and providing valuable data to inform your next move

For further information on how to Waterproof your business please contact Rick Besteman at (905) 401-0215 or email